Don’t Force It…Live In The Moment

I was supposed to blog again yesterday – if I’m to follow my  plan of blogging every three days.  I didn’t and for a variety of reasons.  One was I completely forgot about it.  I was busy with other things and my mind was not on blogging, so it didn’t get done.  By the time I remembered it was late at night and I was tired, so I said “to hell with it, it will do tomorrow!”  And my blog and I have survived.  Then I woke up today with the realisation that I wouldn’t have time to blog today until late in the afternoon or early evening because I had a full day.  I started to worry that maybe I would let the blogging slip and wondered would this be a the start of  a slide on “other” things too.  And then I stopped and realised that sometimes we can become stuck in a habit for the wrong reasons.

I started to blog because I had something to say that I thought others might like to hear, and for the most part I’ve been lucky, they have.  When I meet people who have been following my blog for the first time they usually comment on how they enjoy it and that is great to hear.  Some of what I’ve written has annoyed or amused or stirred other emotional reactions and that is a nice side-effect of my blogs – it gets a reaction.  But when it gets to the stage where I blog because I said I’d have to do it and I have no content or thoughts to share then it becomes a useless ramble.   So taking a day off now and again to re-charge the mental batteries and going at it again has a useful purpose.

Discipline is great, but sometimes we need to stop and take a breather, have a change of scenery or just  blow off steam.  And yesterday was my day to do it, with my blogging.  Today as it turned out was not as busy as had been expected, with last-minute cancellations on some events I suddenly find myself with a couple of hours free to write that I was struggling to find yesterday.  I’ve had time to enjoy being with my youngest child, catch up on some of the things I wanted to do but didn’t have time to, and now to catch up with my blog.  So, for now, I’m living in the moment and enjoying it as it comes.  In a while I will return to my schedule, but not for a while.

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  1. I like your honesty. I can relate to the fear of “Oh no, my life is slipping back into a void”, that will eventually become despair and I will think “What happened?” Even though I need to keep on top of it all, I also need to enjoy what I have, so that I am not always organising, organising, organising. It can be lots of fun to be in constant motion, very fulfilling to accomplish little things every day. I do enjoy your posts on fb. I read every one of them.

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